April Goals Update

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Here is April’s update on my 2016 goals – I’d say it was a productive month! 

Successfully train for and run a marathon: By Monday, this will hopefully be done. The weather reports indicate Sunday is going to be pretty rainy, but what can ya do? 

Raise $1000 for CCFA: DONE! In fact, I raised over $2000! This is amazing! More coming on my fundraising experience in a post soon.

Run a sub-30 5k

Run a sub-60 10k

Run/walk 1500 miles: 66.41 (Jan) + 76.35 (Feb) + 97.34 (Mar) + 90.51 (4/1-29 since I’m writing this in advance) = 330.61 I’m hoping to catch up on some miles in the summer months where I do a lot more walking on non-running days! I’ll also have at least 3.1 to add to that total with completion of the Pittsburgh Marathon 5k tomorrow!

Clean out my boxes in the basement: Done, I guess? They’re all in storage at the moment. 

Clean out the desk in my room that I never use: Done! 

Read 52 books: 21 books read to date. 

Use more vacation days: I’m using a few days through Marathon Weekend and my birthday celebrations, so that counts?

Blog more: Not sure I actually made progress on this. 

Actually sort through my pictures from Alaska so I can finally blog about the experience and design and order photo books: I actually started this! I made folders and sorted maybe 100 photos, so there’s still a long way to go, but it’s a start! 😀

What about you? How are you doing in achieving your goals? Comment below!

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