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Hey all! My next post is live over at the Smart Panel Blog. It’s a good one – all about shopping apps and extensions to make your life easier and save you money! You can check out the post here

For some reason, the links I included in my submission weren’t included, so I’ve made a list for you here to easily find the apps I’ve mentioned in my post:

Ibotta (referral link!)

Walmart’s Savings Catcher

Target’s Cartwheel

Ebates (referral link!)

Honey (referral link!)

CamelCamelCamel (or Camelizer? They seem to use both)

Also, thanks to the 2+ hours I spent on the phone with our new work email provider’s help desk guy (while he set up my Outlook and then we proceeded to watch computer on its slow descent into computer hell), I learned about a new site: Slick Deals. It’s a crowdsourced page where you can find the lowest price for basically anything on the internet! 

Thoughts? Tell me about your favorite shopping apps and extensions in the comments! 

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