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This month, I’m going to talk about fuel! I’m excited to share with you all about some of my favorite running fuel options, for before, during, and after runs! 

I’m proud and excited to be a brand ambassador for the official on-course fuel of this year’s Pittsburgh Marathon, Honey Stinger! 

I have been using Honey Stinger energy chews for over a year now and they are basically the only thing I consume during runs. I’ve got a sensitive stomach, so many of the race fuel gels upset my stomach. Honey Stinger uses, you guessed it, honey as a natural base which helps my stomach tolerate it easily. I’m going to try their gels soon and am hoping for the same results! My favorite flavor of the energy chews is Pink Lemonade! They also have protein chews that I will be placing an order for soon! 

I eat Honey Stinger waffles before runs, especially if I’m running in the morning. Again due to my sensitive stomach, I don’t like to eat too much before a run so the waffles are a perfect little boost of energy. Not to mention they are delicious! My favorite flavor is the cinnamon waffles (which are also gluten free!). I also like vanilla and chocolate. The waffle is actually two thin waffle wafers with honey in the middle. They come individually wrapped so it’s easy to take them on the go! I’ve never topped them with anything, but I think they’d go great with peanut butter, Nutella, bananas/berries, or anything you want! 

Following runs, or anytime I need a filling and healthy snack, I turn to protein! Again, Honey Stinger comes to the rescue with their protein bars! My favorite flavor is the Mocha Cherry Pro – seriously, these are delicious! They contain 10g of protein per bar and 30mg of caffeine for an extra energy boost! It’s more like a candy bar than a gritty, pasty protein bar you may have tried. I almost always have at least one of these stashed in my purse – you never know when you might need a snack! 

What are your favorite fueling options? Are you also a Honey Stinger fan? Share your favorite brands, products, and flavors in the comments!

AND, as a special bonus, I have a discount code for you! Use code RaceDSG2016 for 30% off your purchase at Honey Stinger

Stay tuned for another post soon on hydration! 

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