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Disclaimer: I received free items from Influenster in exchange for a review. All opinions and photos (except the one above, courtesy of Wikipedia) are my own. 

I recently received my first Glam Voxbox from Influenster. It was full of so many awesome goodies – some brands I already know and love as well as some I’ve wanted to try! 

All of this came in the box!

I’ve received a few other VoxBoxes from Influenster in the past, but they usually only contained one or two items from one brand, not a whole box full of goodies. I kept wondering how I could qualify for one of these Glam boxes (and just more VoxBoxes in general) and I think I discovered a way. I took about 30 minutes one day to complete several of the Expert Badges on Influenster, and since then, I’ve been receiving higher frequency of pre-qualification surveys). If you’re wondering why you don’t get more boxes, try earning some Expert Badges! It’s also important to make sure you complete all the required tasks when you DO get a box so they’ll keep sending you more boxes to review.

I actually had a 10 day old manicure that was looking pretty gnarly, so I immediately put the Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads to use. It worked really well and actually didn’t have a super strong smell (there wasn’t NO smell – it’s still nail polish remover, after all). One pad easily removed all the polish on all ten fingernails and left my nails clean and free of any residue. I’m not sure I’d buy these on a regular basis, since I like being able to dip Q-tips into regular nail polish remover to clean up edges, but these are definitely convenient and effective. These retail for $1.49-3.99 depending on quantity.

So Cutex!

As I mentioned above, I usually like to be able to dip Q-tips in nail polish remover to clean up edges (I’m not great at doing my own nails), so I normally use a cotton round to remove old nail polish. The Q-tips Beauty Rounds are perfect for this! This is a product I use a lot – I use it with my Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant or Mary Kay Botanical Effects Freshen Formula 3.  The Q-tips Beauty Rounds retail for $4.99.

The next morning, I didn’t have time to wash my hair but wanted to freshen my hair a little bit, so I tried out the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. I’ve tried a few other dry shampoos and haven’t found them to work very well. Maybe my expectations are just too high – it just never seems to absorb any oil. The Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo was the same – it didn’t really absorb oil, but it did give my hair some renewed volume so I’d call it a win. The Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo retails for $3 (travel size, what I received) and $7 (full-size). 

After trying the dry shampoo and rocking my Alpha Gamma Delta badge for International Badge Day!

I LOVED seeing the Venus disposables in my Glam VoxBox! I’ve used a few different Venus razors for years know! I do think the moisture ribbon makes a difference and helps to reduce drying out my skin. This is important in the winter when I’m already so susceptible to dry, itchy skin. I normally don’t use shave gel (just use shower gel), but after trying the Venus with a touch of Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shave Gel, I’m thinking I should invest in shave gel more often! It really helps you get a closer, smoother shave and definitely leaves my skin feeling more moisturized. Plus it’s just fun the way the lather forms :). The Venus Razors retail for $8.49-13.59 and the Venus with a touch of Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shave Gel retails for $2.99-3.99. 

Finally, I tried out the SheaMoisture Cleanse. Treat. Moisturize. sampler trio. This is a brand I’d never tried before, but frequently saw in stores. I love that the products are naturally-based without a lot of artificial additives or harmful chemicals. I also love that they’re based with shea, a natural moisturizer that is super effective (and smells yummy). I’m a bit of a skincare junkie, so I’ve tried a LOT of different products. I’ve been struggling with some combination skin recently – getting breakouts but also having dry, flaky patches. I tried out the SheaMoisture line yesterday and it truly seems to have reset my skin. Everything is balancing out (this may also be due to the weather this week, but either way, I’ll take it). The SheaMoisture products retail for $9.99-$11.99

Makeup-free selfie to show off my SheaMoisture-ized skin!

How about you? Have you ever used any of these products? What do you think? Do you have other brands you’d recommend? Tell me in the comments! 

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