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I am THRILLED to announce that I’ve been selected as an official blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon! I was selected among an amazing group of runners (shoutout to my friends Chelsea, Brandi, and Lynne in particular!). I’m excited blog about my experience as I train for and run my first marathon! By the way, do you know much running is involved with that?! A lot. What did I sign myself up for?! 

You can use code ‘HOPKINS2016’ to take $10 off race registration and 15% off at the P3R Store

I also announced this on social media, but I wanted to share here that I’ve been selected as an ambassador for two companies that I really love! 

Nuun Hydration is the maker of a line of hydration products for athletes as well as everyday life. The drink tabs dissolve in water, taste great, and add electrolytes and a little effervescence to an otherwise plain glass/bottle of water! They have tabs made from all-natural flavorings, tabs that contain caffeine for an extra boost of energy, and tabs that give you energy through easy to digest carbohydrates. I’ve been using Nuun tabs for about a year now and love them!  My favorite flavor is Cherry Limeade – check them out! 

I’ve also been selected as an Ambassador for Honey Stinger, maker of a line of different fueling products for athletes. I am proud to represent a brand that I use all the time! 
The pink lemonade chews are my favorite!

 I’ve tried several different fueling options for my long runs, including gels and beans. Some I found to be ineffective, others were difficult to open and eat while running, and some upset my stomach. Someone suggested Honey Stinger chews and I am so glad they did! My favorite are the pink lemonade chews, and I’ve had their waffles before, but I’m excited to try out their gels and other products as well! As you would hope and expect, Honey Stinger even sells honey! 

I’m working on a year end wrap up post that will hopefully be published soon! 


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