The Last Frontier

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In case you’ve missed the news, I’m going to ALASKA in ONE WEEK! 

Along with Chelsea and Mike, I’ll be spending time in:


We’ve got lots of fun lined up, incluing salmon/halibut fishing, hiking, playing with Husky puppies, a cruise in the Kenai Fjords, ziplining, moose watching, eating, running, and more! 

We will be running the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon and will hopefully have the chance to meet up with one of my Runspirations, NYC Running Mama who is also running! 

Have you ever been to Alaska? What do you recommend we see, eat, and do? Comment below! 

We are also accepting suggestions for a hashtag for our trip! Give us your ideas – if we choose yours, we’ll send you a postcard (a real one! not a twitter one!) from Alaska! 

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  1. I am so jealous of you!!! I want to go to Alaska so bad. I have a false idea of what it is like though since I get my information from shows on TV, so take lots of pics to post so I can see what it really looks like

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