5 Things Friday: Saturday Edition

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This week did not go according to plan. I had chapter visits in Delaware and New Jersey, and then I was supposed to end the week with a chapter visit in NYC followed by a weekend of fun in the city! I had even signed up to run the 38th Annual NYPD vs FDNY 5-Miler in Central Park.

None of that happened, and I’ve been sitting at home clearing things off my DVR since Thursday evening. 

I had a cold last week, and then this week the cold was getting better, but I kept noticing I had pretty bad back pain. After a few days of it getting worse, I started to think it might be my kidneys. Wednesday night, I finally gave in and decided to come home rather than try and stick it out for the rest of the trip. The weather was super craptastic in NJ and PA (again – I drove through freezing rain on the way out) so it took longer than usual to get home – extra awesome.

I saw my PCP on Friday and she confirmed it is most likely a kidney infection and started me on some antibiotics. While I’m still super bummed about missing out on the fun weekend I had planned, I also fee like I’m glad it wasn’t nothing (not that I’m particularly excited it’s a kidney infection, either). And let’s not even talk about how this has derailed my training plan – again. 

So here’s five things…on Saturday:

1. I started listening to Serial on the drive home on Thursday. While I’m curious to listen through the end, I feel like a lot of people WAY over-hyped it. I also feel like those people have never seen an episode of Dateline. The Slender Man episode of 20/20 was way more of a nail-biter (and insomnia-inducer – shudder). 

2. I finally watched the last season of True Blood over the past few weeks – I’m sad it’s really over! The ending was…meh.

3. I started watching Orphan Black last night – OMG why aren’t more people talking about this? This show is great and, perhaps unlike Serial, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

4. I’m looking forward to DC next weekend with Chelsea, Kelsey, Steff, Mel, and LB!

5.  Planning for Alaska this summer is in full swing! Any tips or suggestions! We will mostly be in Anchorage, with trips to Kodiak and Seward. 

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