5 Things Friday: The Winter Freeze Edition

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Ziva keeping warm in her Snuggie.

1. I’m going to New Orleans and Portland, OR and Seattle, WA next month – what are the must-sees (and eats and drinks!)??? Tell me in the comments!

2. I’m 37% of the way to my fundraising goal for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon – can you help me hit 40% by the weekend? If three people donate just $10, I can do it! 

3. My training plan has been completely derailed by the weather this week :-/

The More You Know

4. I got a great deal on some Mizuno leggings and ProCompression socks (yellow and green!) on Active GearUp yesterday! 

5. Chelsea from Pittsburgh City Girl is holding a Happy Hour fundraiser for her marathon training tonight at Buckhead’s – I’m going to be there and you should too! 

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